Emerald vase

Emerald vase




A stunning unique porcelain Viennese-style vase, a valuable ancient handcraft that can be the ornament of your house or office, Germany, late 19th century.
The vase is beautifully decorated, and was made in form of an amphora* with a wavy neck, deep emerald colour intertwined with gold ribbons and paths of hand-painted roses of different colours, volumetric gilding and decor.
This piece of art has been bought from Russia and imported to Iran. This vase is presented in a case, made of wood and covered with Mahogany leather. So the case, itself, can be an art craft.
A magnificent, old and eye-catching work …
Hight: 20 cm. and width: 12.5 cm.
There is a slight defect in the gold coating on the neck (roughness due to restoration), otherwise the vase is in excellent intermission condition.
The terms of supply and sale of this work will be announced later …
Dash …
choice of dignified people…
* A style of vase ,with narrow bottoms and two handles on both sides, common in ancient Rome and Greece.


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